Puppy Adoption and Purchase Contract with Maximus Bernese Mountain Dogs   


AKC Reg. #: TBD based on puppy chosen Purchase price:$2800.00 Limited Registration

Sex: _______  AKC Reg. Application in Process

Name: Based on puppy chosen _________________________________

Microchip # (Home Again): ____________________________________

Color: Black/White/Red --TriColor                       Date of Birth: 04/09/2019

Sire:    ___________________ AKC# _________________                     

Dam:  ___________________ AKC# _________________

Health Information: Puppies have been bred by a AKC Breeder of Good Standing, with grandparents tested for the relevant BMD health issues and have been cleared by direct DM testing, eyes (OFA) and hips/elbows (x-rays) are cleared. The results are listed in the OFA database at www.OFA.org under their registered name and AKC number. The parents are up to date on vet visits and shots. Puppies will be vet cleared at the appropriate date prior to sale. Applicable date _____________________

This puppy has been raised using socialization techniques in www.puppyculture.com and owner is encouraged to learn about these important socialization techniques. This next link will take you to an article that explains the experience from puppy to adulthood, please review. http://bmdinfo.org/bernerpedia/articles/Bernese_9_months_old-Teenagers_Solutions.php 

The heritage of each litter is posted on Berner Garde. Please see http://www.bernergarde.org/ for more information. My website will have the AKC heritage listed as well.            Please complete the contract below to finalize the puppy adoption. I would love to stay in contact and have the option to visit the dog in the future. Good luck and don’t hesitate to call/email with questions/concerns! Bernese Mountain Dogs are wonderful dogs, you will truly enjoy your new companion.


Gina Johnson --Maximus Bernese Mountain Dogs 

  • maximusbernese.pbwebs.com/
  • P.o. Box #104 Southworth, WA 98386    
  • maximusbernese@gmail.com
  • 253-318-0786

Purchaser (s)             



Phone #


Terms of Sale:

  1. Seller provides health guarantee that the puppy is in good health at time of sale, puppy has been wormed and given initial puppy vaccinations. A health record will be provided to the Purchaser at time of sale. Any health issues will be declared at the time of sale. Seller also provides results of parent’s genetic health testing and any genetic health testing performed on the puppy. Common BMD genetic health testing are eyes, hips/elbows, and DM. Seller guarantees puppy to be free from health issues at the time of sale. Both parents are DM clear and offspring are DM clear.
  2. Purchaser shall maintain the purchased dog in accordance to society accepted standards of humane care. In addition, purchaser agrees that said dog is to be an indoor dog with an outdoor fenced area with proper shade and water for day play.  Purchaser agrees to keep this dog in their personal possession, and to provide proper and sufficient food, water, shelter, grooming, and humane treatment at all times.
  3. Purchaser agrees to procure veterinary care at once if this dog becomes sick or injured, and to keep current all vaccinations as recommended by the dog’s veterinarian.
  4. Puppy has been microchipped. Purchaser agrees to keep Gina Johnson/Maximus Bernese as the secondary contact person on the microchip.
  5. Purchaser agrees that should they be unable to keep said dog at any time during the dog’s lifetime for any reason, the dog will be returned to Gina Johnson/Maximus Bernese. Under no circumstance should the dog be placed in a shelter or given or sold to 3rd party.
  6. Purchaser shall not sell the dog to commercial dog wholesalers, research labs, or pet shops. The purchaser further agrees not to donate the dog to an animal control agency, animal rescue group, Humane Society or similar shelter.
  7. Purchaser agrees to keep this dog as their household pet and companion. Purchaser agrees to exercise the dog on leash or within a fenced area, and never let this dog run loose without adequate adult supervision. To never chain or tie this dog without being in attendance.
  8. Purchaser assumes full responsibility and liability for this dog’s actions, including any damage done by this dog.
  9. If puppy is adopted/purchased with Limited AKC, Purchaser will not breed the dog. The adopted puppy must be neutered/spayed at approx. 17 months of age. If an accidental breeding occurs, Purchaser will contact Gina Johnson/Maximus Bernese and will pay Breeding price to Gina Johnson/Maximus Bernese. Puppies bred without full AKC Registration prior to breeding will not receive full Breeding Right AKC documentation for said litter.  
  10. Upgrading from Limited to Full Breeding Rights must be discussed at time of contract and purchase date. Final payment equaling total price of $3800.00 must be paid to Gina Johnson/Maximus Bernese before the puppy reaches one year of age.
  11. AKC documentation for adopted puppy shall name Maximus Bernese as the Breeder.


Purchaser: _____________________________________   Date: __________


Seller: _________________________________________   Date: __________